The Second Phase of ADDIE

During the second week of our Instructional Design & Technology Capstone course, we are required to develop a design document using the ADDIE framework.  Admittedly, the task was intimidating not only because of the amount of information required but also because of a tendency to reveal gaps and assumptions in your needs analysis.  Regardless, as a designer, I would rather find out about the gaps now instead of during development or even implementation.

The design document contains the following items:

Audience Analysis

Behavioral Objectives

Instructional Plan and Activities

Plan for Evaluation and Assessment

Usually, each of these items warrants its own document but our emphasis is on rapid development, which is why we are consolidating the information into one report.  Overall, the design document should be 5-7 pages, which I had no difficulty meeting.  As with many aspects of instructional design, it is best to allow yourself time to walk away and return with a fresh mind.  In the end, the hardest part was finalizing the instructional plan.  In part because of the organization of the topics but also due to distinguishing the “need to know” versus “nice to know” material.

The sequencing and segmenting might have been easier if I had spent more time with the intended audience and expanded the range of those I interviewed.  It seems these are the types of lessons only experience can teach you so stay tuned for the addition of another category of “lessons learned.”

My design document can be seen The Design Document.



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