Evaluating Learning Technology

During the week of June 13th, we will explore the learning technology tools available today.  “For any specific learning activity, there are multiple technologies that could be used to facilitate the learning process. However, just because one can use a technology tool for learning does not necessarily mean that one should. As technology tools vary, so do their effectiveness and value to a particular learning environment. Instructional designers and educational technologists should not only be familiar with the current learning technologies, but also be able to select the best tool for achieving the desired learning outcome.”

We will imagine a scenario in which a technology tool do NOT fit a desired learning outcome. For example, if you wanted to design an online lesson that teaches people how to jump rope, would a computer-based tutorial using static images be the best tool for doing so? Or might a video of someone jumping rope and explaining the steps be more appropriate? What are some other examples?

Stay tuned!


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